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A Year Goal Met in Half a Year

July 12, 2011
Abstract in Black: A Short Horror Novel Cover

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I bet you thought I’d forgotten about you but I haven’t you see. Instead, I’ve been busy writing up a storm. Less than a week ago I hit the 150,000 word mark for the year. Big deal for me since at the beginning of January, that was my goal for the whole year!

 Now half way through, I’ve hit it and my current goal is to reach 300,000. Gulp! It’s going to be a big challenge especially because I feel like I’ve been slogging along for the past couple of weeks. You know how it is when you’re in the middle of a project and it feels s-l-o-w. Yet despite how slow it feels, I know I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit so far. So here is a brief rundown of my first six months: as I mentioned, I’ve written 150,000 words. I’ve uploaded 42 ebooks onto Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords. I attended four writing workshops in the spring and I attended the Midwest Haunters Convention (okay, that one’s not writing but it was fun!). Hmm, when I look back at it all this way, it looks like quite a bit! More than I realized.

 So what am I aiming for in the last half of the year? I want to write another 150,000 words to reach 300,000. I want to reach 60 uploads of ebooks this year. I want to learn Scribus so I can start making my collections and short novels available as POD. I want to better at updating my blog on a regular basis, plus a whole bunch of other goals but I know better than to spread my energy too thin. One step at a time and even one word at a time. That’s how I hit 150,000 and that’s how I’ll hit 300,000. I just want to do it by December 31st.

 By the way, I’m participating in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale! All of my collections, novellas and my short novel “Abstract in Black” are half price! Use coupon code SSW50 at Smashwords and enjoy!

 Have a marvellous summer! I’ll be blogging again soon!


Whadya mean it’s not Halloween?

June 13, 2011

So it’s June and I’ve been totally slacking on my blog. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking elsewhere. I am continuing to write every day and in fact just this past weekend, passed the total number of words I wrote last year. It only took me five and a half months to zoom past what I wrote in nine months last year! Hooray!

I’ve also attended some writing workshops and made it to this year’s Midwest Haunters Convention (MHC) in Columbus! And what is that? I know you’re just dying to know! MHC is a trade show and convention for haunters, folks who either decorate their home for Halloween or run a commercial haunted attraction to scare the crap out of people at Halloween. It’s an altruistic goal.

Vamping it up at MHC

On Saturday night, they hold a masquerade. People dress up in incredible costumes. The creativity and dedication is amazing. I’m in awe of their craftsmanship and imagination. At the tradeshow, one of the makeup booths offered free face painting. I decided to have them do my makeup this year and stood in line for over an hour as the makeup artists crafted different and interesting creations on people’s faces. It never took them longer than twenty minutes at the most to create spectacular effects.

When I sat down, Nick, the makeup artist, asked what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to be a vampire but none of that sparkly crap. Oh and add some blood.

He certainly took up the challenge!

Afterward, all I needed was some fangs, my contacts and my dress, then I was ready for the party.

Sorry for the blood splatter, I’ve always been a messy eater!

A Walk in the Woods: A Horror Short Story

May 15, 2011

Wanna go for a walk?

As a thank you to my readers, I’ve decided to put up a free short story on Smashwoods: A Walk in the Woods: A Horror Short Story. For anyone looking for something light, happy, joyous… what are you doing reading my blog? I’m weird, creepy, horrific, scary. Did I mention creepy? Scary? Okay, good. I just wanted to make sure.

So head on over to Smashwords and pick up a copy, my gift to you. Well, I think it’s a gift. You might have preferred a bundt cake.

But you don’t want to know what I’d put in that! Hee hee hee…

Oh the Horror! 5 Horror Short Stories

April 28, 2011

Oh the Horror! 5 Horror Short Stories

I’ve been recovering from a cold, illness’s revenge for me avoiding the various ailments of everyone around me this winter. I made it through unscathed until a few weeks ago and then wham! Meanwhile, I’ve been writing up a storm and posting several ebooks up. This one is a milestone for me. Well, all of them have been milestones as this whole ebook thing is such a new adventure but certainly this one is special.

It’s my first compilation! A collection of five of my horror stories together for the first time! I think you’ll agree it’s a steal at $2.99 for five stories. Oh the Horror! 5 Horror Short Stories is available on Smashwords and Kindle. Also, one of the coolest things was I received a lovely blurb from Colum McKnight of fame. He reviews horror in all its forms on his site. If you like horror, you’ll love his site. Check it out!

Now just for fun, here’s the blurb I wrote for Oh the Horror!:

“One man confronts his fear of carnivals to face something worse. Another man wonders if he has squirrels in the walls or is something else coming for him? Two thieves choose the worst house to burgle. One woman traces her late mother’s secret meeting on a bridge at midnight. Another woman tries to quench the burning hunger inside.

Join these people as they journey into the dark… if you can find your way out!”

So, how was that? Is it over the top enough? I had fun writing it, like I had fun writing these stories. If you have the inclination, check them out on Kindle or Smashwords. You never know what awaits you in the dark!

Limits? We Don’t Need No Stinking Limits!

April 5, 2011

Marketing Workshop 2011 - Post Brain Melt & Still Standing (well sitting)

I’ve just returned home from a Marketing Workshop given by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Katherine Rusch. An intense week-long workshop, it combines the business and craft side of writing. Kris and Dean have a strict no blogging during the week policy due to the brain melting that occurs. You definitely need to finish to see how the structure of the workshop benefits your writing.

Mornings found Dean presenting a history of publishing and the business aspects of marketing our work. Evenings had Kris tossing us into the deep end, writing a proposal every night. That’s a full novel proposal every night! Then there were the nights when we were required to write two versions of the proposals at two different lengths, meanwhile writing tag lines, pitches and blurbs for the proposals from the previous night, then adding in press release/letters to book stores and cover letters…. cue brain melting!

Besides the how to write and business aspects, my greatest learning occurred as I pushed past my limits, writing more in one week than I ever have before. I also learned not to prejudge my ideas before I get them down. So what if it’s silly or stupid or doesn’t make sense, write it anyway. Just because I wrote it down doesn’t mean I have to use it. Funny enough, when I wrote some of those silly, stupid, nonsensical ideas, they didn’t seem so useless after all. Funny that.

As well, turning off the critical voice and just writing without rewriting and the idea of practicing writing by focusing on different aspect makes writing even more fun, more exciting. I came away with a greater understanding of many things, including how the current situation in publishing is just another manifestation of the historical cycle (a distribution shift), and how to get the hell out of my own way so I can write. Plus I met some fantastic, supportive writers open to the new world of publishing and I’m honoured to count them as friends.

Thanks, Kris and Dean for a challenging, intense workshop that pushed me to my limits and beyond! When folks ask me how my vacation was, I’ll be saying, vacation? What vacation? Excuse me, I have to get some writing done!

Raves or Raving?

March 21, 2011

Here Comes the Rain available at Amazon & Smashwords

I’ve had a couple of lovely reviews lately.

Over at Paperback Horror, he’s taken a look at “Here Comes the Rain” and Sleepless eReader has reviewed my novella “Beyond Reach.” Both stories are available at Amazon & Smashwords. See the links on the right over there (and down a bit).

I’m thrilled and honoured to have folks review my work but even more importantly, I’m happy to entertain people with my stories. That’s really what it’s all about. I’m not performing brain surgery. I’m not saving the world (despite what the delusions in my head say). I just want to give people an entertaining read. If I’ve managed that, I’ve accomplished my goal as a writer.

Whaddaya say? Let me entertain you!

New eBook Page on My Website!

March 12, 2011

My eBooks on Sale!

I just finished adding a new page to my website. All of my short story eBooks are now listed with links to Amazon and Smashwords for each story! Come over to, select the “eBooks on Sale” button and oooh and ahhh over the lovely covers! Maybe you’ll even be inspired to read one or two. Just remember to keep the covers close by to protect you from the monsters in the dark!