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Merry Christmas Evil!

December 19, 2011

Wreck the Halls: 5 Christmas Horror Stories, available on Kindle & Smashwords

With Halloween long over, what’s a good horror writer to do? I wandered, lost in the joy of the approaching holiday season, dismayed that all the red was only Christmas balls. Where were all the skeletons? Put away for another year. But then it struck me. Couldn’t Christmas be just a little more evil? Of course it could!

I started small with The Santa Murders (Kindle version, Smashwords version) and Mrs. Claus investigating murders on Christmas Eve. Then I moved into Waiting for Santa (Kindle version, Smashwords version), with Timmy waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. With an axe. A Very Zombie Christmas (Kindle version, Smashwords version) explores what happens during a zombie uprising while shopping. Billy and the Reindeer (Kindle version, Smashwords version) came out of a discussion with my massage therapist (ideas come from everywhere, folks!). He Knows (Kindle version, Smashwords version) examines the consequences of that list Santa keeps, at least in Randy’s mind.

I then bundled all these stories together into my collection Wreck the Halls: 5 Christmas Horror Stories (Kindle version, Smashwords version). And I thought I was all done with evil Christmas stories.

My brain had other plans.

The Elf Who Saved Christmas: A (Sweet) Horror Novella available on Kindle & Smashwords

The ideas kept coming. O Christmas Tree (Kindle version, Smashwords version) follows Darren on his quest for the perfect tree for his new bride. Finally, The Elf Who Saved Christmas: A (Sweet) Horror Novella (Kindle version, Smashwords version) is a bit of a departure for me. Gil the Elf discovers something is wrong with Santa and has to find out what it is before Christmas is ruined!

Believe it or not, I have another one or maybe ideas cooking in my brain. Then I hope to return to my regular mayhem. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings and all that other stuff. Oh and a Happy New Year! Hope to scare you later!

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