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A Year Goal Met in Half a Year

July 12, 2011
Abstract in Black: A Short Horror Novel Cover

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I bet you thought I’d forgotten about you but I haven’t you see. Instead, I’ve been busy writing up a storm. Less than a week ago I hit the 150,000 word mark for the year. Big deal for me since at the beginning of January, that was my goal for the whole year!

 Now half way through, I’ve hit it and my current goal is to reach 300,000. Gulp! It’s going to be a big challenge especially because I feel like I’ve been slogging along for the past couple of weeks. You know how it is when you’re in the middle of a project and it feels s-l-o-w. Yet despite how slow it feels, I know I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit so far. So here is a brief rundown of my first six months: as I mentioned, I’ve written 150,000 words. I’ve uploaded 42 ebooks onto Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords. I attended four writing workshops in the spring and I attended the Midwest Haunters Convention (okay, that one’s not writing but it was fun!). Hmm, when I look back at it all this way, it looks like quite a bit! More than I realized.

 So what am I aiming for in the last half of the year? I want to write another 150,000 words to reach 300,000. I want to reach 60 uploads of ebooks this year. I want to learn Scribus so I can start making my collections and short novels available as POD. I want to better at updating my blog on a regular basis, plus a whole bunch of other goals but I know better than to spread my energy too thin. One step at a time and even one word at a time. That’s how I hit 150,000 and that’s how I’ll hit 300,000. I just want to do it by December 31st.

 By the way, I’m participating in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale! All of my collections, novellas and my short novel “Abstract in Black” are half price! Use coupon code SSW50 at Smashwords and enjoy!

 Have a marvellous summer! I’ll be blogging again soon!

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