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Leaping into the Future

February 1, 2011

Paint the Town Red: A Horror Short Story

I’ve done it. I’ve taken the plunge. I’m converting my back list of short stories into ebooks and putting them up on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle!

 What an exciting time to be a writer! Stories that have sold previously and were only available for a month or two now have new life. As Dean Wesley Smith points out on his blog, writing is not produce. Stories do not spoil or have a best before date. A story can be a day old, a year old or twenty years old and still be relevant and fun. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my back list of stories to the world and they’ll be there for discovery this year or in ten years.

 What a bonanza for readers! With ebooks and the potential of books no longer being “out of print” it will be easier than ever before to find the books we love. There have been times when I’ve come across a book by a new (to me) author and I want to read everything they’ve written. If I’m lucky and their early books had a large print run, I might have been able to find them in a used book store. Many times I’ve been out of luck. I still have holes in some of my author collections. With ebooks, this will become a thing of the past!

I’m excited to be taking that leap into this new ebook future. Who knows where it will lead? But I have a feeling that future will be bright for all of those who love stories, both writers and readers alike!

What do you think?


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