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Just the Facts

August 26, 2010

I’m friends with the folks who run ChiZine Publications, a small press of high quality collector edition hard covers, trade paperbacks and ebooks. In the quickly changing publishing business, they have managed to develop their own niche of weird, surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction. Hey, I did say they were friends of mine!

Recently someone went onto Twitter and claimed that ChiZine  Publications was gone, even mistakenly suggesting that it was an imprint of Leisure. As co-publisher Sandra Kasturi has stated in several notices:

“Both and CZP are alive and well, thank you very much. Business is going ahead as usual.

“It’s true that Dorchester/Leisure recently withdrew funding from, due to their own financial difficulties. We saw this coming and have already taken steps to modify our own business plan. The online zine will continue as before, and continue to improve.

“ChiZine Publications has always been self-sufficient and continues to thrive.

“The Fresh Blood contest winner will still be published in limited edition hardcover by CZP, as planned. I cannot of course speak for Leisure and their plans for a mass market edition.

“Thanks for listening! And spread the word that we’re not defunct! : )”

While the Internet is a wonderful way to get the word out, connect with others, and find information, it’s important to remember to check the facts. Two companies being associated doesn’t mean both are failing if one is having challenges. It’s always better to verify what you hear before passing it along.

As for ChiZine Publications, not only are they doing well, they are also sponsoring the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium at the Hart House in Toronto, Canada on October 23, 2010 which kicks off their Chiaroscuro Reading Series.

Whew! No wonder I hardly ever get a chance to see them!

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